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CLUSTERPLAST aims to improve co-operation between regional authorities, research entities and local businesses, as well as to strengthen knowledge-based economic development and boost competitiveness. 
The CLUSTERPLAST project will have strategic impacts in various fields, like knowledge transfer, sharing of RTD infrastructures, fostering of entrepreneurship, mutual learning and mentoring. The EPCI as a whole is likely to benefit from the results of CLUSTERPLAST. Mentoring and mutual learning will disseminate good practices and effective R&D investment tools at a European level.

CLUSTERPLAST strengthens development of knowledge-based companies
Clusters and their associated networks cultivate faster product development by increasing company knowledge through interaction with skilled partners. CLUSTERPLAST will boost the synergies between clusters at a European level, with a focus on SMEs.

CLUSTERPLAST connects regions
CLUSTERPLAST will draw upon experience from three existing research-driven clusters to enhance the development of three new clusters, which will focus on integrating the three sides of the knowledge triangle, namely research centres, businesses and local/regional authorities.

CLUSTERPLAST encourages high value-added research in Europe
Together the clusters will integrate industry know-how, RTD infrastructures, entrepreneurship and political will into a consistent and viable “Joint Action Plan”, which will equally be used as a blueprint for the development of other regional clusters in the EPCI.