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Roadmap and ambitions


A review of the main actors in the business-research-regional/local authorities triangle, of R&D financial instruments, and of previous technology roadmaps, projects and initiatives will be drawn up. The review will further industry awareness, increase the reach of dissemination activities, encourage technology transfer between regional entities and clusters, and facilitate the launch of joint initiatives and projects.

Likewise, the review will provide an industry benchmark, identify best practices and improve inter-cluster communication.

By increasing industry awareness, it will be easier to identify new opportunities and cross actions, and to encourage greater interaction between the entities of the innovation system. This will mean:

1. European skills and knowledge will be put to best use

2. The most adapted funding schemes will be selected

3. The results of R&D will be widely disseminated and efficiently exploited, increasing their value


The development of a Joint Action Plan will go a long way to meet the defined goals, constituting a major deliverable of the project. It will promote further integration of R&D and scientific activities at a European level, eliminate duplication of work, and exploit complementary skills and knowledge, in line with the European Research Area Objective. The Joint Action Plan will cover sharing of RTD infrastructures, knowledge transfer, mobility, selection and support of research projects, fostering of entrepreneurship, education and training strategies, and mutual learning and mentoring strategies.

The consortium has an effective communication policy to disseminate its actions by organizing common events and initiatives. It will adopt the role of mentor for SMEs, clusters in the making, and less developed European regions.